The Importance of Having A Primary Care Physician

The Importance of Having A Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Having a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is very necessary to all. Most people are in good health or do not have chronic medical conditions. Of course, there are many different specialists such a cardiologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, podiatrist, etc., that a patient could go when a specialist referral is needed; however, if you are feeling under the weather like a cold or a flu, or simply need your medications refilled, a specialist might not be the best option and your first point of contact for such acute problem. Primary Care Providers are essential in the management of both acute common illness such as influenza, asthma attack, chest pain, or chronic conditions such as the management of hypertension (High blood pressure), Diabetes, COPD, Heart Conditions. PCP can also keep your health conditions and work closely with the specialists on your behalf while ensuring good collaboration and coordination are achieved. Please for your own well-being and for your loved ones, we highly encourage that you stay on top of your health by establishing a PCP who will make sure all your preventative health care is managed and taken care as well.  since they help you navigate into good health and help you stay healthy. Having the medical opinion of PCP at all times can come in handy. Establishing your PCP will likely save you from developing complications to your chronic conditions or prevent you from developing significant medical conditions. 

PCP is like part of the family, who you can trust to give you an expert medical advice when needed, they can also help you make healthy lifestyle choices or decisions. In fact, most primary care providers can identify and treat many common and chronic medical conditions. If a specialist care level is required, they would advise and able to refer you to the appropriate specialist while they maintain close coloaporation managment of your care needs. 

How Can Mountainside Medical Clinic Team Help You?

Here at Mountainside Medical Clinic, we are committed to providing high-quality and very low cost primary care services. We offer many discounted and affordable rates as well as membership care model for patients with no health insurances. If you have no insurance, do not wory, we got you covered!  (discounted price for the 1st initial visit is only $ 50 Dollars.)  We offer membership plan of $59 per month per patient, $20 for additional immediate house hold member. Only $ 75 for COVID testing with your Doctor Visit. We take Medicare, Blue Cross Blue shield and all of United HealthCare.

We are proud to holistically manage and care for all your medical needs. We are companionate small medical team who are eager to make you comfortable.!

Liban Osman, FNP Liban Osman is a board-certified family nurse practitioner (FNP-C). He is the Medical Director of Mountainside Medical Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. As a practitioner, he provides accessible and affordable healthcare options to all. He has experience providing care for patients with mental health conditions and has worked in underserved communities throughout Phoenix. Liban studied at Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been in the healthcare field for over 15 years. He gained experience at the Mayo Clinic and Banner Health, where he served as a primary care provider. Liban has a combination of skills in researched clinical practice. Liban became a provider because many people are not able to find quality and affordable health care. He strives to make a difference in others' lives while becoming an agent of change in all aspects of life. He applies this philosophy at Mountainside Medical Clinic, offering annual wellness visits, urgent care, vaccinations, and weight management.

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