Low Back Pain


Low back pain and neck pain are among the most common reasons for doctor’s office visits as well as Emergency and Urgent Care visit. The pain usually results from problems with the musculoskeletal system—most notably the spine, including the bones of the spine (back bones, or vertebrae), disks, and the muscles and ligaments that support it. Occasionally, low back pain results from a disorder that does not involve the musculoskeletal system.

Low back pain becomes more common as people age, affecting more than half of people over 60. It is very costly in terms of health care payments, disability payments, and missed work. The number of back injuries in the workplace is decreasing, perhaps because people are more aware of the problem and seek appropriate care when needed with preventive measures.

The spine (spinal column) consists of back bones (vertebrae). The vertebrae are covered by a thin layer of cartilage and separated and cushioned by shock-absorbing disks made of jelly-like material and fibrocartilage. They are held in place by ligaments and muscles.

To learn more about back pain, the causes and its treatment options, our dedicated providers are here to help you understand it better. Chronic or acute back pain can both be managed well with the correct intervention approaches.

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