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Prescription Refill Policy

Medication Refill Policy:

Mountainside Medical Clinic Provider(s) participate electronic prescribing directly to your pharmacies.  Our goal is to assist our patients with prescription requests in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

***Generally, medication refills are done at the request of the patient via sending secure portal massages and at time of their virtual telehealth appointment visit***

Due to the volume of prescription requests, we have created the following guidelines to help meet these goals. It is up to the provider to send your medication refill request or deny the request based on each patient’s conditions and when their last visit with the provider; It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the office in a timely manner when refills are necessary.  Approval of your refill may take up to three (7) business days, so do not wait to call until you are completely out of your meds. If you use a mail order pharmacy, please contact us fourteen (14) days before your medication is due to run out.

  • Medication refills will only be addressed during regular office hours: Please notify your provider on the next business day if you find yourself out of medication after hours or did not get the mediations discussed during your visit. No prescriptions will be refilled on Sundays or Holidays. 
  • Prescription refills require close monitoring by your provider to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Your provider will prescribe the appropriate number of prescription refills to last until your next scheduled appointment. Generally, when you are down to zero refills, it is time to schedule a follow up appointment.  We prefer and encourage you to request any refills of your medications at your appointment visit.
  • Patients requesting new prescriptions or antibiotics must have an appointment. Refills can only be authorized on medication prescribed by providers from our office. We will not refill medications prescribed by other providers.
  • Some medications require prior authorization. Depending on your insurance, this process may involve several steps by both your pharmacy and your provider.  The providers and pharmacies are familiar with this process and will handle the prior authorization as quickly as possible.  Only your pharmacy is notified of the approval status.  Neither the pharmacy nor the provider can guarantee that your insurance company will approve the medication.  Please check with your pharmacy or your insurance company for updates.
  • It is important to keep your scheduled appointment to ensure that you receive timely refills. Repeated no shows or cancellations will result in a denial of refills. 
  • If you have any questions regarding medications, please discuss these during your appointment with your provider. If for any reason you feel your medication needs to be adjusted or changed, please contact us immediately.
  • Patients are highly encouraged to make an appointment with their provider prior to any medication refill requests, and automatic refills from the pharmacy will likely not be granted or approved. 
  • Call your pharmacy to see if there are any refills available for you to fill before you call the clinic or your provider.
  • Repeated medication refill requests without an appointment visit, will likely result denial of your medication refill request. 
  • Prescription refills will need to come directly from the patient, not from family members, friends or the pharmacy, unless a designated member of a patient that has been granted an authorization resquests the refill with a signed consent form on file.



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